Oregon Natural Desert Association: Restoring Wild Lands

More than 500 volunteers gave their time to plant 12,500 native plants along stream corridors, remove invasive juniper from 405 acres of land, remove and retrofit 25 miles of fence, and monitor activity on 589,000 acres of public land.

Columbia Riverkeeper: Protecting Our Water

The more than 12,000 members of Columbia Riverkeeper work together to keep 50,000 pounds of toxic pollution out of the river each year. This grassroots work makes the water safer for fishing and a healthy habitat for the wildlife that depends on it.

Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center: Teaching Our Future

The outdoor school program held in the Opal Creek Wilderness now teaches more than 1,400 children about nature each year. Kids gain a first-hand ecology education in a classroom of 35,000 acres of pristine old-growth forest.

Friends of Trees: Making Oregon Cities Green

Friends of Trees' 6,252 volunteers planted 55,943 trees and native shrubs during 126 planting and tree-care events in 17 Oregon and Washington cities last year, bringing their lifetime total trees planted to more than 600,000.

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