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Willamette Valley Wet Prairies Tour

Visit one of the most inspiring and intact wet prairies in the state. Learn about wetland mitigation banks and the passion of one dedicated banker to restore wetlands in the Willamette Valley.
Where:Rikreal, Oregon
When: May 01, 2017 from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Contact: Kendra Manton
Phone: 5032270778
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Mud Slough

“It’s a real treat just to get to see a restored wet prairie. There are so few examples of it, so just being there was inspiring. It was also amazing that just two people could mostly keep the weeds out of 550 acres. I was very impressed.” -2015 Tour Participant

Willamette Valley wet prairies are among the most endangered habitat types in the state of Oregon, and among the rarest of North American ecosystems. Come tour Mud Slough Wetland with wetland banker Mark Knaupp and TWC Executive Director Esther Lev.  Over the past 24 years Mark has restored 550 acres of Willamette Valley Prairie Wetland.  Twenty-three years later, thousands of native prairie plants, including some rare species, have sprung up on their own and turned the wetlands into a tapestry of color and texture. The purple and white popcorn flower, common downingia, and veronica, dark green tufts of sedge, and delicate tufted hairgrass provide habitat for a variety of wildlife including the showy pink Nelson’s checkermallow that is listed as “threatened” under the federal Endangered Species Act.

WHAT: A guided walk through different sections of the Mud Slough property with property owner and steward Mark Knaupp and Esther Lev. Terrain is uneven. Lunch will be included.

WHEN: Early June, date will be set to match peak flower bloom.  9am -3pm

COST: $80

NUMBER OF PEOPLE: Minimum: 5 / Maximum: 15

TRIP INCLUDES: Lunch and transportation to site from Portland

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