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*Wetlands Conservancy

Protecting and restoring Oregon's Greatest Wetlands in partnership with communities for current and future generations.
4640 SW Macadam Ave Ste 50, Portland, OR 97239
Phone: 503.277.0778 | Fax: 971-229-1968 |
What does a $100 contribution do for this organization?
$100 a year will provide 7 hours of technical assistance on wetland conservation and restoration projects OR purchase native wetland plants to restore nearly 1/4 acre of wetland.
How do volunteers make a difference for this organization?
Volunteers are essential to our restoration efforts across our preserves. This year our volunteers planted 10,200 trees, shrubs and grasses. We could not protect, improve and restore Oregon's Greatest Wetlands without the support of our volunteers.


Wetlands are vital to our health and the health of our environment.  They clean and recharge our water supply, provide critical fish and wildlife habitat, and protect our communities from floods.  They also offer the most biologically rich and productive lands in our state.


The Wetlands Conservancy (TWC) is the only organization in Oregon dedicated to promoting community and private partnerships to permanently protect and conserve Oregon’s greatest wetlands – our most biologically rich and diverse lands. For more than 30 years, The Wetlands Conservancy has educated and assisted landowners, neighborhood groups, land trusts, and watershed councils on local stewardship of wetlands


We are dedicated to conserving and promoting wetlands to support fish and wildlife, clean water, open space, public safety, and people’s appreciation of nature. We work at different scales—from an individual property to a regional landscape—to support these interconnected systems.

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