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Tualatin Riverkeepers

Tualatin Riverkeepers empowers people in our community to protect, restore and enjoy the river, streams and wetlands. Tualatin Riverkeepers builds watershed stewardship through public education, access to nature, citizen involvement and advocacy.
11675 SW Hazelbrook Road, Tualatin, OR 97026
Phone: 503-218-2580 | Fax: (503) 620-7645 |
What does a $100 contribution do for this organization?
2 paddles and a life jacket. 5 shovels. 5 months of internet service. Printing of fliers for birding classes.
Why does this donor support this organization?
"The Tualatin Riverkeepers are an incredible asset to the residents and communities of the Tualatin Watershed. They are organized, dedicated and an effective community organization, focused like a laser on the goal of improving water quality and overall environmental health of the Tualatin River watershed." Jeffrey Gottfried, PH.D. Co-founder of Fans of Fanno Creek

The Tualatin River was once a regional destination. But after years of abuse it became known as the most polluted river in Oregon. While much has been accomplished, there remains a great deal of effort ahead to restore and protect the river and its tributaries. Threats from activities that occur across the landscape: development, polluted runoff from farms, streets and clear cuts all continue to impact our water.

Tualatin Riverkeepers is the leading independent voice standing up for the river, streams, and wetlands in our community. This effort must be maintained to protect the public's water, fish and wildlife. This is our legacy!

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