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*Friends of Trees

Friends of Trees empowers people to improve the natural world around them through a simple solution. Planting Trees ... together.
3117 NE MLK Blvd, Portland, OR 97212
Phone: (503) 282-8846 |
What does a $100 contribution do for this organization?
We can plant two shade trees in the yard of a low-income family or a grove of young native trees in a green space that needs restoration.
Why does this donor support this organization?
“Wow, what a great organization. I love Friends of Trees. ... I will go out of my way to suggest Friends of Trees to my neighbors. I’m looking forward to next year. Thank you for helping me meet more of my neighbors!”
How do volunteers make a difference for this organization?
In just the past five years, Friends of Trees has dramatically increased the annual number of trees planted and the number of volunteers they engaged. Last planting season, 4,400 individuals volunteered more than 32,000 hours to plant over 45,000 trees and native shrubs. They are truly the cornerstone of the organization. Many people who plant trees with us end up following the growth of individual trees over their lifetime. Often the phrase, "Hey, I planted that," can be heard from long-time volunteers who take pride in, and are vested in, the health of trees and neighborhoods.

In 2014, Friends of Trees turned 25 years old. In this quarter century, we've planted more than half a million trees with over 100,000 volunteers.

Our Neighborhood Trees program offers residents 8-12' tall street and yard trees at reduced prices and organizes neighborhood plantings. The reduced tree cost includes help with permitting required by the city to plant between the sidewalk and street, tree delivery, hole digging, assistance with planting, stakes, and follow-up maintenance checks during the summer.

Through our Green Space Initiative, we guide volunteers to restore green spaces. In 2011, we joined SOLVE and the Clackamas River Basin Council to form the Rock Creek Partnership, funded by Water Environment Services. The Partnership works with private homeowners to restore the banks of Rock Creek, a tributary to the Clackamas River. We also have partnered with the Oregon Department of Transportation, Metro, and more than a dozen other groups to plant trees along the 16.5-mile I-205 Multi-Use Path. The path is used by pedestrians, cyclists, and TriMet travelers, and it borders many of Portland's most culturally diverse and low-income neighborhoods.

Through our Gift Tree program, people can make a tax-deductible donation to have trees planted in honor or memory of others in the Collins Sanctuary next to Forest Park. The Gift Tree program works in partnership with Metro and the Audubon Society of Portland to restore the Collins Sanctuary.

Enhancing our Environment

Planting trees cleans our water and air. In fact, Portland's trees intercept 25 million pounds of air pollutants and half a billion gallons of stormwater a year, saving millions of dollars in stormwater management.

Friends of Trees' Impact

Portland's vibrant urban canopy is the only one in a major U.S. city that has increased in size in that time. Portland State University professor Joseph Poracsky has stated:

Friends of Trees is doing something right, and they are a key part of the story of canopy increase in Portland. While not likely the only factor, there is a 'Friends of Trees Effect.’

The cumulative impact Friends of Trees has on communities is real and lasting.

Join us!

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