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*Solar Oregon

Solar Oregon is a non-profit organization providing education and community outreach to encourage Oregonians to choose solar energy. Solar energy - Oregon's most abundant renewable resource.
PO Box 14927; Portland, OR 97293
Phone: 503-516-1636 |
What does a $100 contribution do for this organization?
$100 covers almost the full cost of a presenter and curriculum for one Solar Oregon one-hour basic workshop (free to the public) that will educate as many as 100 people on how to go solar.
How do volunteers make a difference for this organization?
Active volunteers are the backbone for Solar Oregon events and educational outreach. Every year Oregon citizens that are passionate about solar energy volunteer to run events and educate others on solar energy application, technology, and financial incentives to invest in solar. Volunteers learn a lot about the solar industry, make great contacts, and are spokespersons capable of motivating Oregonians to go solar.

Solar Oregon, formerly the Solar Energy Association of Oregon (SEAO) was founded in 1979, and is the Oregon chapter of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES).  Over the past 25 years, Solar Oregon has organized more than 20 local and statewide solar conferences, has been the host chapter for three ASES National Solar Conferences, and provided numerous educational opportunities for both consumers and professionals.

Every year, Solar Oregon has presented Solar Home Tours featuring homes throughout western Oregon, which has played an important role in motivating Oregon’s citizens to use solar energy.  Solar Oregon also provides a variety of educational materials for Oregon teachers.


Solar energy is everywhere. It is the most abundant energy source by a substantial margin compared to any other energy source in Oregon.  It falls generously on thousands of square miles of building roofs, walls and windows throughout Oregon from coast to desert. Statewide our electricity can be clean and generated quietly without disturbing Oregon’s diverse habitat and water resources.  Solar is a sustaining investment for the future of all Oregon communities – human and otherwise.

So why aren’t more Oregonians “buying” solar? Solar energy and the associated benefits are not well-know by many people, so the resource is under-valued and therefore under-utilized in Oregon. The missing ingredient is comprehensive public education about the accessibility of solar energy to everyone through creative financing & solar incentives, advanced technology, and energy efficiency.  With appropriate education thousands of individuals can make the informed decision to invest in solar energy.  These individuals – homeowners, businesses, builders and more - must be reached with the solar message in order for solar energy to shift our economy, environment, and individual lifestyles towards a more sustainable, healthy future.

We are promoting the solar message by providing:

  • Educational Workshops presented throughout the year. We offer informational workshops on 'Basics of Going Solar', as well as more advanced workshops on Solar Electric systems, Solar Thermal, Net Zero design, and Passive Solar design.
  • Public Outreach at conferences, and various community events around Oregon.  Our solar models are available for demonstrations, fairs and school events to show that solar works in Oregon.
  • Solar Now! University, our annual conference, where we connect community officials with industry experts. It's where big ideas meet hands-on information and renewable energy leaders illuminate where solar is now - and how to help steer it into the future.
  • Solar Home Tours to see solar in action. You'll have an opportunity to see real projects, talk with the homeowners, and see what's possible.  Thousands of people attend these tours each year in communities  around Oregon.
  • Solar Drinks to provide monthly opportunity for folks in the greater Portland area to meet other community members who support renewable energy.  Come join us for a relaxed social and networking event where you can speak with Solar Oregon staff, solar industry members, and your neighbors about any topic under the sun!
  • Educational Website,, to teach you about many of the solar technologies and the tremendous financial incentives that are available. You can also link to lists of solar professionals and track industry news.
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