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Native Plant Society of Oregon

Dedicated to the enjoyment, conservation, and study of Oregon’s native plants and habitats.
P.O. Box 902, Eugene, OR 97440
Phone: (541) 343-2364
What does a $100 contribution do for this organization?
Your donation will help support field trips, publications and research grants all of which are part of learning about native plants and sharing that knowledge. Perhaps one of the most important impacts your donation will have is on our Field Research Grant program. We support research on many diverse areas of plant conservation and ecology.
How do volunteers make a difference for this organization?
NPSO relies entirely on the generous time donated by our members for all activities. We are indebted to the many organizers, presenters, field trip leaders, publication editors, officers, and many others who make NPSO exist.

Who We Are

Oregon is a fantastic place to explore! Our state supports ten diverse ecoregions and more than 4,500 species of plants from the Blue Mountains to the Klamath Mountains.

We are the only organization that focuses on plants, one of the main building blocks of our natural environment. Since 1961 NPSO has been providing educational opportunities and advocating for Oregon’s native flora.

Thirteen local chapters are the heart of NPSO offering a variety of informational presentations, workshops, field trips, and opportunities to be involved with Oregon’s native plants and habitats.

We also provide enthusiastic support for the Oregon Flora Project, the first comprehensive Oregon plant guide in over 50 years, and the first that is fully illustrated. Volume 1, published in 2015, covers the ferns, conifers, and monocots--over 1,000 taxa, and includes identification keys, illustrations, and species descriptions.

Field trips

One part of the NPSO mission statement is the enjoyment of Oregon’s native plants and habitats, and as such, field trips are a critical element. Our Chapters offer numerous field trips throughout the year to explore the biodiversity and natural wonders of Oregon. Socializing with people of like interests, learning and searching for little known plants, and appreciating our native habitats from the coastal headlands to the alpine meadows and old-growth forests to the high desert plateau are some of the mainstays of our organization.


Our newsletter, the Bulletin of the Native Plant Society of Oregon, is published 10 times per year providing organizational news, chapter meetings and events, articles on native plants, habitat and conservation, and reports from recipients of the NPSO field research grants. In addition, as part of our goal of collaborating with other environmental organizations and increasing educational opportunities for our members, NPSO advertises events from other non-profits in the Bulletin. An archive of the Bulletin is available on the NPSO web page.

Volume 21 of Kalmiopsis, the NPSO journal, contains in-depth articles on Oregon's native plants, stories of unique geographical areas that are part of our botanical heritage, book reviews, and more.  All of Volume 21 and past issues are available in PDF format on our web site (

We also publish occasional papers, a series that began in 1999. The most recent Urbanizing Flora of Portland, Oregon, 1806-2008 is a fascinating comparison between the pioneer flora of Portland and the present state.


Check for local chapter events such as wildflower shows, hikes, presentations, identification workshops, and weed-pulling parties.  In addition, several chapters have community native plant gardens they care for and will gladly accept volunteer help.

NPSO's Oregon Native Plant Awareness Week (April 24 – April 30, 2016) is an opportunity for local NPSO chapters to reach out to the broader public raising awareness about the importance of native plants and habitats in Oregon.  See for details.

Every year NPSO members from around the state gather for an "Annual Meeting". The Emerald Chapter is hosting the 2016 Annual Meeting July 15 - 17, at the McKenzie River Conference Center, a private forested 46 acre property near the majestic McKenzie River, a fifty-minute drive from Eugene. It’s always fun to see old friends, meet new members, and explore another outstanding section of Oregon. For the most current information, visit the annual meeting website,

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