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to Oct. 31, 2014 Hike series: Histories & mysteries challenge

Learn about geologic and historic features hidden in Gorge landscapes.
Where:Throughout the Columbia Gorge
When: Sep 26, 2014 12:35 AM to Nov 01, 2014 02:00 AM
Contact: Maegan Jossy
Phone: 971-634-2028
On the web:
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The Columbia Gorge has been home to forests, wildlife, and changing communities for thousands of years.

Our Histories & Mysteries Hike Challenge invites you to take a closer look. Between March 15 and October 31, try to find all 20 items listed below.

Feature Suggested Location(s) Curious Gorge book page(s)
Beacon Rock HistoryRequires Adobe Reader Beacon Rock, WA 54-55
Bridge of the Gods Legend and Bonneville SlideRequires Adobe Reader Hamilton Mountain, WA
Table Mountain, WA
Cape Horn ShedsRequires Adobe Reader Cape Horn Trail, WA 50-51
Celilo Falls Fishing VillageRequires Adobe Reader Celilo Park, OR N/A
Eagle Creek and the CCCRequires Adobe Reader Eagle Creek Trail, OR 42-43
Fishwheels of the GorgeRequires Adobe Reader Bonneville Dam Visitor Center, WA
The Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center, WA
Flood Basalts Requires Adobe Reader Elowah Falls, OR
Latourell Falls, OR
Rowena Crest, OR looking at Lyle Cherry Orchard
Flumes of the GorgeRequires Adobe Reader Elowah Falls, OR
Mitchell Point, OR
Historic Columbia River HighwayRequires Adobe Reader Mitchell Point, OR
Mosier Twin Tunnels, OR
Waterfall Alley, OR
Hole-In-the-Wall FallsRequires Adobe Reader Starvation Creek State Park, OR 80-81
Ice Age Floods RemnantsRequires Adobe Reader East Hatfield Trailhead, OR
Rowena Crest , OR
Koberg Beach Requires Adobe Reader Koberg Beach State Park, OR N/A
Lewis and Clark ExpeditionRequires Adobe Reader Beacon Rock, OR
Cape Horn Trail, WA
Dalton Pt, OR
Lyle Convict RoadRequires Adobe Reader Lyle Cherry Orchard, WA 218-221
Memaloose IslandRequires Adobe Reader Memaloose Overlook, OR N/A
Native American PetrogylphsRequires Adobe Reader Fort Cascades Historic Trail, WA
Columbia Hills State Park, WA
Oregon TrailRequires Adobe Reader Wagon ruts east of The Dalles, OR 201
Pillars of HerculesRequires Adobe Reader Bridal Veil State Park, OR 22
Syncline and AnticlineRequires Adobe Reader Mosier Plateau, OR 184
Waterfall Special EffectRequires Adobe Reader Latourell Falls, OR 20-21

Come with us on a guided hike or explore on your own. Friends members will receive a prize upon completing the challenge.

For more details, or to sign up for a guided hike, visit Friends of the Columbia Gorge.

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