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*Freshwater Trust

The Freshwater Trust is a group of bold problem solvers designing and implementing data-driven solutions that protect and restore America’s freshwater.
700 SW Taylor St Ste 200, Portland, OR 97205
Phone: 503-222-9091 |
What does a $100 contribution do for this organization?
A $100 donation enables us to monitor more than one mile of restored river habitat to document the effectiveness and ecosystem response to the restoration work we do throughout Oregon.
Why does this donor support this organization?
They care about doing something revolutionary for the world of water. But they don't forget about the economics of the issue or their organization. - Vanessa Keitges, CEO of Columbia Green
How do volunteers make a difference for this organization?
Throughout the year, The Freshwater Trust needs volunteers for office tasks and for our fundraising events.

We have entered a new environmental era, one with far more daunting problems that we faced 50 years ago. Ensuring a more resilient future will require fundamentally changing the course of conservation. We need to have a laser focus on solutions that are big enough - ad bold enough to match the scale of the problem.

The Freshwater Trust is a group of bold problem solvers designing and implementing data-driven solutions that protect and restore America's freshwater. Using science, technology, policy and finance, The Freshwater Trust builds and manages solutions that improve water quality and quantity. With data and 21st century tools and technologies, we enable smarter watershed management to happen faster and at a greater scale. We also employ our solutions on the ground for the benefit of watersheds and the plants, animals and people that rely on them.

The Freshwater Trust has a long history of protecting and restoring freshwater ecosystems in Oregon. We were founded as Oregon Trout, the first wild fish conservation group, in 1983. In 2008, we merged Oregon Trout with the Oregon Water Trust to become The Freshwater Trust. Today, we offer a number of services:

Water Quality & Habitat Restoration: Whether planting trees to cool streams, reintroducing river meanders, or creating log jams, we apply strategic solutions to improve water quality and restore critical habitat.

Water Quantity: As the nation's first water trust, we work collaboratively with landowners to keep more water in our rivers and streams. We know working lands and healthy rivers can coexist.

Research & Technology: With innovative and new technologies, we can calculate the ecological outcomes of restoration projects, allowing smarter restoration to happen faster.

Compliance Solutions: When a regulated entity needs a compliance solution, we can help. We offer natural infrastructure solutions that benefit the environment, while saving ratepayers money.

Ultimately, we are fighting for a future where clean, abundant freshwater resources support our environment, economy and society.

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