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*BRING Recycling

Helping people understand how the stuff we use shapes the planet we share.
4446 Franklin Blvd., Eugene, OR 97403-2437
Phone: (541) 746-3023 | Fax: (541) 726-9894 |
What does a $100 contribution do for this organization?
Brings our science based reduce, reuse, recycle education program to an entire school. Provides a complete recycled paper-making kit to loan out to community groups and schools. Allows a classroom to go on a “Garbage Tour” and get an up close and personal look at what happens to trash and recycling. Provides resource/energy saving devices and educational signage for one business.
Why does this donor support this organization?
“BRING’s in-school education program connects children to the real world. They learn they can help make a difference!” Julie Hulme, 4J Teacher
How do volunteers make a difference for this organization?
Volunteers turn garbage to gold! We receive hundreds of pounds of assorted hardware. Unsorted, it's garbage. Sorted, it's gold. Volunteers help organize inventory, maintain our 3-acre site and provide office support. Volunteers help plan and staff educational events like the BRING Home and Garden Tour.

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BRING Recycling is one of the nation's oldest non-profit recyclers. Since 1971, we have encouraged people to rethink what they use and what they throw away. We help our community keep useful items out of the landfill, find ways to use less stuff, reuse as many things as possible and recycle the rest. From collecting and processing household recyclables to teaching kids about using earthworms to compost, BRING has a wealth of information, practical tips and programs to help you live sustainably in Lane County.

BRING’s Mission

BRING helps people understand how the stuff we use shapes the planet we share.

BRING’s Services

  • Reuse – BRING collects and sells an extensive assortment of reusable building and industrial materials, serving homeowners, builders, remodelers, business owners, artists, teachers, students, and bargain hunters. Our reuse store saves hundreds of tons of resources and energy each year. Low-cost materials are a valuable resource for people of limited means.
  • Community Education – BRING empowers children and adults to make a difference in their future. We teach the 4-Rs in Lane County classrooms; lead tours of community waste handling facilities; publish a free quarterly newsletter; and provide information and referral. We can tell you how to reuse or recycle just about anything!
  • BRING Home & Garden Tour – Our annual tour provides community members an opportunity to experience “the art of sustainable living” firsthand and to exchange information with homeowners, gardeners, and a variety of experts.
  • RE:think Business – More than 100 local businesses have already begun to trim waste and save money, thanks to BRING’s free consulting service. Businesses who complete our recommendations receive the classy RE:think Business award.

Planet Improvement Center

The Planet Improvement Center is Oregon’s first combination reuse store/conservation learning center. More than a place to find great used stuff, it’s a community treasure, with examples of green building, creative reuse, sustainable gardening, recycled art, and renewable energy.

This 3-acre community facility opened for business in June 2007.  It is  a model of sustainable development where visitors from throughout the region can gather innovative ideas and inspiration for reusing materials and conserving resources.

Each year BRING:

  • Salvages 3,000 tons of reusable building materials
  • Serves 45,000 customers
  • Answers 11,000 requests for information
  • Educates 24,000 children and adults.


For more information, please visit our website.

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