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June 2013 - "Your Share" E-newsletter


Your Share
The E-newsletter of EarthShare Oregon June 2013

ESORbanner3_caterpillar_In this edition:

In this issue:
► Policy matters! Why transportation laws are important.

► What is Active Transportation?

► Join 1000 Friends for a bike ride around Helvetia

Job Opportunity at EarthShare Oregon!

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Take Action!
hinkle lake botanical area

Stop damage to Southern Oregon botanical areas by motorized vehicles!

Make sure Lower Klamath and Tule Lake wildlife refuges have water this summer!

Learn about Portland-area wildlife during this week's Great Blue Heron Week

As summer approaches, we all get busier.  So many plans, adventures, and activities call to us. How to fit everything in?  When school lets out, those beautiful, hectic and fleeting summer months start in earnest, with family vacations and weekend camping trips squeezed between work, swim lessons and ball games.  Travel is the name of the game.  

This issue of Your Share is all about transportation, livability, and the importance of well-designed cities.  Read on to learn more about getting from here to there, one of the most important and complex environmental issues of all.

Policy matters! Why transportation laws are important

Steel Bridge2_eltormentoSenate Bill 247: Ensuring Sustainable Transportation
Yes, land use planning and transportation policy can seem a little dry.  But honestly, it's simple. 

Many Oregonians are looking for alternatives to jumping in the car every time they need to go somewhere. For our health and for our environment, we need affordable, convenient, reliable, safe and clean “active transportation” options—including transit, sidewalks, bike facilities, and passenger rail. Funding sources for these active transportation options are very limited and haven’t kept pace with growing needs.

One way to change this is an Oregon bill called Connect Oregon Plus (SB 247). This bill would allocate much needed transportation funding to bicycle, pedestrian, and transit projects and transit operations received its first public hearing on February 19th in the Senate Business and Transportation Committee. The bill was not scheduled for a work session and is now awaiting further hearings or a work session. Click here to read BTA’s testimony on that bill. If you would like to advocate in support of this bill, please tell members of the committee that you support SB 247, would like them to hold a hearing and work session on the bill and to vote yes. 1000 Friends is also supporting this bill -- read their take on the same legislation.

What is Active Transportation?

active transportIs there a way you could ditch your gym membership, but still be healthy, happy, and on time to work every day? Oh, and get the added benefit of fighting global climate change? It's easy: plan ahead to bike, walk, or take public transportation.

Want to start walking to work or for errands? Get started by exploring the region on foot for fun, and work your way up! Metro's "Walk There!" book and iPhone app have unique routes to try before you start commuting.

Dream of hopping on a bike and leaving the car at home? Bicycle Transportation Alliance's Bike Commute Challenge website has a wealth of tips and events to motivate you to start pedaling.  Plus, BTA just released a new, updated Blueprint for Better Biking with lots of suggested safety improvements (maybe some where you live!)

Join 1000 Friends for a bike ride around Helvetia

1000 Friends is excited to return to Helvetia on Sunday, June 9 for a Pedalpalooza bike ride exploring farming, the urban growth boundary, and delicious food and drinks at the famous Helvetia tavern. Come join us! More info here.
2012's Helvetia ride took a scenic route through lovely farmland.

Job Opportunity with EarthShare Oregon!

EarthShare is seeking a part-time Marketing and Communications Associate.  Read all the details and please apply by June 21st.  We'd love to work with you!

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