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Electronic Pledging Readiness Quiz

Is online pledging a good fit for your organization?

If you manage a workplace giving campaign at your employer, you've likely wondered if you could ditch all those paper pledge forms and brochures, but still carry out a successful workplace giving campaign?  Some workplaces are doing just that, with some careful consideration and planning.

If you would like to switch from paper pledge forms to online pledging, consider these questions before taking the next step:

  • Do all (or all but a few) of your firm’s employees work at a computer for most of their workday?
  • Are most employees in your firm comfortable using Web-based computer programs, such as a company intranet?
  • Do you have a staff of more than 10 people, and an HR/Payroll staffer who can carry out the payroll deductions?
  • Is email the preferred or expected method of dispersing information in your workplace?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, electronic pledging might work in your office with some extra preparation.

Some other questions to consider before you decide to use electronic pledging might be:

  • How much money are you spending now on printing paper pledge forms for all employees?
  • Have you contacted other funds and federations in your campaign to discuss the possibility of an electronic pledge option?
  • Have you contacted your payroll department to discuss the pros and cons of accepting electronic pledges?
  • Are your campaign activities (events, prize drawings, fundraisers) tied to employees turning in paper pledge forms?  If so, how would you modify those events to work with electronic pledging?

EarthShare has a readily available and customizable online pledging website called Give@TheOffice we can offer your company for a small fee. To do a test pledge (not a real donation), use our demonstration site or ask EarthShare Oregon to do an in-person demonstration for you.

Contact your EarthShare representative; we can help you decide if an electronic campaign is appropriate for your workplace and give you tools and resources that will help your campaign succeed.

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