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Our Impact

Thanks to your gift, nearly 80 member groups have gone above and beyond to protect the environment in 2014.

EarthShare leverages the support of people like you who care about the health and protection of our natural world.

See what we're doing right here in Oregon.

Each year we compile the phenomenal accomplishments of our member groups. For a full list, as well as a breakdown of what your money buys, download our 2014 Accomplishments (PDF).

Here are a few examples:

  • Bicycle Transportation Alliance organized Oregon’s Walk+Bike To School Day, in which 45,000 elementary and middle school students from 250 schools in 65 communities tried walking or biking to get to school.
  • Columbia Riverkeeper reviewed pollution discharge reports and, as a result, prevented 50,000 pounds of toxic pollution from entering the Columbia.
  • Growing Gardens built and installed gardens for 54 new home gardener households, reaching more than 200 very low-income people, including 61 children.
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