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Our Impact

Our 100+ member groups are going above and beyond to protect the environment in 2016.

EarthShare leverages the support of people like you who care about the health and protection of our natural world.

See what we're doing right here in Oregon.

Each year we compile the phenomenal accomplishments of our member groups. See what a donation of any size can do for Oregon. Look at the individual profiles of our member groups to learn how they are making our air, lands and water healthier, and our communities better.

Here are a few examples:

  • Northwest Earth Institute engaged more than 4,300 people in its 2015 EcoChallenge, individuals who set and took on a personal sustainability challenge. More than 90% of those who participated said they intended to maintain their new sustainable habit after the EcoChallenge ended.
  • Friends of Trees has, in just the past five years, dramatically increased the annual number of trees planted from 21,000 to 45,000 per year and the number of volunteers engaged from 2,000 to 4,400.
  • KS Wild is working to put a stop to nickel mine development, which comes with miles of new roads, smelters and the equivalent of mountain-top removal. KS Wild is working to protect more than 60,000 acres in three key watersheds that serve as headwaters for the Wild and Scenic Illinois and Smith Rivers – gems of our national Wild and Scenic River system.
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