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About Us

Learn how Oregon businesses support conservation efforts through EarthShare.

Throughout Oregon and southwest Washington, EarthShare has engaged thousands of people and raised millions of dollars to support Oregon's environmental legacy of clean water, fresh food, sustainable communities, healthy families, and access to nature.

We're Sustainability at Work Silver Certified

EarthShare does this by partnering with workplaces large and small to offer employees several ways to connect with nature. From volunteer events and work parties to “Green Bag” presentations and workplace fundraisers, EarthShare supporters can choose to get involved with more than 100 EarthShare conservation groups.

In Oregon, green business is good business. EarthShare is here to help.

Our history

In 1989, 13 environmental groups joined efforts to gain access to workplace giving campaigns across the state. Under the name the Environmental Federation of Oregon (EFO), their goal was to secure stable, year-round funding.

In 2000, with 32 local conservation groups, the EFO decided to take another step forward in supporting the quality of life in Oregon by joining EarthShare and becoming EarthShare Oregon. Today, EarthShare Oregon partners with more than 100 workplaces and supports more than 100 environmental groups!

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EarthShare is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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