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Cell phone recycling

EarthShare can help you recycle cell phones where you work.

Stretch 500 million cell phones end to end and the chain would circle the globe twice! That’s how many could enter the waste stream this year alone.

Now, thanks to a partnership with The Wireless Alliance, you can help cut down on electronic waste with free cell phone collection boxes.

Order a collection box from EarthShare

Here's how it works:

1.  Boxes are available at our office for pick-up. In some cases, we can deliver them right to you.

2.  Place the box in a prominent place and announce the program to your coworkers via email and other communications.

3.  Once the box is filled, call FedEx to arrange FREE pick-up at your office. The cell phones will be delivered directly to our recycler.

What else can go in the box?

In addition to cell phones, you can donate:

Cell phone recycling box

  • accessories
  • batteries
  • charging cords and docks
  • GPS devices
  • iPods/MP3 players
  • Bluetooth devices
  • air cards
  • ink/toner cartridges (in bags please)
  • digital cameras
  • tablets
  • pagers, and
  • SD cards.

What happens next?

When you recycle with us you keep the harmful components of cell phones out of the landfill. All items are refurbished, reused or recycled and nothing goes to the landfill. Each donated phone raises an average of $1.52 for EarthShare.

Get started!

Call 503-223-9015 or email

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